About Us

HMI Commercial Cleaning has been serving the Southwest Florida region since 1989. Heidel Management is owned and operated by Steven Heidel. He assures that HMI Commercial Cleaning delivers the highest environmentally responsible commercial cleaning service and quality in the area.

Our people and our process makes us the top Commercial Cleaning Company in Southwest Florida

  •  Highly skilled, knowledgeable long term employees – our employees are well trained and highly skilled in all facets of commercial cleaning. They are not short term subcontracted individuals, but employees with a stake in our success. Our employees know the business right down to what processes are needed to properly clean and not damage surfaces and still be environmentally responsible.
  •  Best equipment – We use the best equipment for the job. Our vacuums use HEPA filters and control the outflow exhaust, preventing harmful dust from returning to the air, creating a healthier environment for you and your employees.
  • Green environmental quality – Our use of Green Seal Certified products helps us create a healthier environment for your customers and employees. We help you to be environmentally responsible without lifting your finger.
  • Our Guarantee – We deliver our certification of insurance and liability to you upon acceptance of our proposal. We lead with trust, we build trust, we deliver trustworthy results. Our quotes are inclusive and include supplies, employee time and equipment. We are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Quality Assurance – Heidel Management takes your satisfaction seriously. We employ inspectors and supervisors to pay special attention to each customer’s needs while you deal with the owner/operator directly for concerns and proposals. Steven’s active participation in the business assures that your needs will be met immediately.

Green Seal Certified products. We use Green Seal Certified products helping you to produce a healthier environment for your employees and customers. We are members of the US Green Builders Council (USGBC) and are in the process of getting certified as a green business. Check out what it takes to become one at http://www.usgbc.org/