Are you looking for Office Cleaning Services?

Office Cleaning ServiceHMI Commercial Cleaning has over 25 years of experience in providing quality office cleaning services in Naples and most of Southwest  FL region. HMI has helped raise the industry standards when it comes to commercial cleaning. Many of our competitors ask how we have achieved such a high level customer satisfaction? Our answer is always the same, our people! We only hire and train the top individuals, our team is not only professional, they are proficient at the task at hand.

Our training program consist of the do’s and and don’ts when cleaning any surface or any items. Our team specializes in using the proper product for the proper job, using the wrong equipment or wrong product can result premature wear  and sometimes severe damage to office or kitchen equipment.

Do we offer Janitorial Cleaning Services?

Absolutely, our bread and butter is providing janitorial cleaning services in Naples Florida and Southwest Florida region. During our first meeting we will make sure that we fully understand your office needs, go over the services required, determine pricing and set a proper schedule. Before our assigned janitorial team gets started we train them to address your specific needs, best products for the job, and using the proper equipment. All of our janitorial cleaning services will be performed according to your schedule, whether day or night!

All of our products are Green Seal Certified helping businesses to produce a healthier environment for their employees and their customers. The use of green products not only produces a purer environment it helps to reduce waste, most green products are produced in recyclable packaging. Some of our services include:

  • Carpet cleaning and floor cleaning: Our staff is highly trained in maintaining office floors.
  • Kitchen and equipment cleaning: Best in the business in cleaning commercial kitchen.
  • Chandelier cleaning: Our team uses a 5 step process in ensure safe cleaning.
  • Window cleaning: Experts in interior and exterior window cleaning.

All of our services are custom tailored to our clients specific needs. If you are in need of a special service, don’t hesitate to ask!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

Commercial Oven CleaningOur company is well known for cleaning commercial ovens and maintaining some of the top commercial kitchens in all of Southwest Florida! If you own a restaurant, you definitely understand the importance of not only a maintaining a clean kitchen, but a maintaining a  clean oven to help reduce the risk of unhappy dinners. HMI will map out a detailed program to ensure your kitchen will pass even the most picky health inspectors!

We specialize in servicing country clubs, restaurants, banks, and service all commercial properties including retail stores, common areas, large office buildings, and local schools.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate!